Saturday, June 18, 2011

About the project

Above: Video demonstrating the EyeHarp controlled by a head-mounted DIY 50 euros eye tracking device (PS3 eye modified camera, 2 infra-red leds, sun glasses). Software for gaze acquisition: The EyeWriter Project..

Above: Video Demonstrating the EyeHarp controlled by a distance DIY 70 euros eye tracker (PS3 eye modified camera, 2 infrared light sources). Software for gaze acquisition: ITU Gazetracker..

The EyeHarp is a free and open source software. Get the source and binaries here.

The main goal of the EyeHarp project is to allow people with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to play music using only their eyes. Alternatively, the instrument can be controlled by any input device that can take control of the mouse pointer. As a result, it could be an appropriate musical instrument for many cases of people with motor disabilities. The EyeHarp is implemented in openframeworks v0.6.

All this started as my master thesis in Sound And Music Computing in UPF, Barcelona, supervised by Dr. Rafael Ramirez.

Read the master thesis:
Paper Published in conference New Interfaces for Musical Expression - NIME 2012: Temporal Control In the EyeHarp Gaze-Controlled Musical Interface